TableArt Launches

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TableArt started off with beautiful and contemporary table centrepieces and has now grown to much more. The centrepieces are all designed and manufactured in our eco-friendly workshop enabling us to create TableArt to your own specifications. This includes adding your own logo or branding if required.

Over the last 10 years TableArt has helped to bring style and sophistication to a host of events including the Ryder Cup, Sport Personality of the Year, Sony Radio Awards, MTV Music Awards and the MOBOs. They have also lit up venues all over the world including The Louvre in Paris and the Friedrich Stadt in Berlin.

Our centrepieces range from the small to large, short to tall, and we have many variations. Click this link to take a look With standard, we pre-set them to the colour of your choice, they can be one colour or multi-coloured as you suggested but would stay like that throughout. The DMX lights can be controlled by remote control from the lighting desk by our crew and can change randomly at the flick of a switch, or multi-colour etc to suit your theme. For example, with awards in particular it?s great to change the lighting on a winners table when they are announced. Basically a DJ but for lights!! They are truly unbelievable.

We offer great event stylings that can turn your events into something so unique that will have your guests stunned from the moment they walk in. take a look at this link and see all of our variations that we have to offer.

If this could be what you are looking for, then please contact me on or give us a call on 0207 096 1799

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