2018 Runners


So the Bath Half Marathon 2018 wasn’t able to take place on Sunday 4th March due to adverse weather conditions. After months and weeks of preparation, we were really disappointed for our dedicated runners who’d committed time, energy and resources to getting themselves into the best possible shape to fundraise for OTR. We are now working with our runners and supporters to see if all 25 can manage to complete a half marathon in the coming weeks and months. We’re also asking for our runners to each submit their story and times to us so we can update this page. We’re hugely proud of their support and commitment, so will do everything we can to share the great stories of our runners.

Below are all our runners for 2018 – look out for updates on this page, as and when the runners complete their Half Marathons! Good luck everyone.

Big well done to our fully confirmed 2018 Bath Half runners so far:

  • Olly Meyer

What do you get when you run in front of a car? …..TIRED, anyway…. my name is Olly and I am absolutely delighted to be destroying my calves, my thighs and my feet again for 2018’s Bath Half marathon. What an absolute honour and pleasure it is to again run for this fantastic charity. We hope to raise lots and lots of funds to help the people in Bath who need it the most.  Please please help us in any way you can even if it is just showing us a friendly smile somewhere along the line, it is all very much appreciated! Look forward to seeing you all there on the day and for that well deserved pint afterwards.

  • Rhys Gibbons

This is my second time running Bath Half in aid of Off the Record. I am aiming to beat my previous time as a personal goal but more importantly, as a team raise even more money than the previous year! I’ve got a bit more time to prepare than previously so hopefully won’t be finishing as jelly-legged as the last but all in all the atmosphere, support and cause made it all worth while!

  • Becky Reed

I want to run the bath half to raise as much money as I possibly can for this incredible organisation. Talking about my issues saved my life, and this service is vital to allow other young people to do the same. £30 pays for a counselling session for a young person. That could improve their quality of life beyond belief. Please, please give all you can to allow young people in BANES to continue to receive the support they deserve

  • Clara Turney

Clara ran the distance in the snow in her own words more of a jog!!

but did and raised so far over £600.00 and still collecting – well done!!

My decision to continue to support Off The Record comes from studying in Bath as the results of the work the charity do are really visible in the local community. Further, having studied psychology I am extremely passionate about the importance of talking about mental health and trauma. The services offered by the charity are essential and often offer a necessary life line to many children and young adults in Bath and North East Somerset. As my second year as a fundraiser I can guarantee it is truly a worthwhile cause worth running 13.1 miles for!

  • Lauren Chuter-Stubbs

This is my second time running the Bath Half and this year I am really excited to raise money that will support young people in the local area.

Lauren has already signed up for the Two Tunnels half marathon on the 6th May 2018 along with Lauren Above.  This gives them a few more months for more training and also to hopefully raise more funds.  Well Done Ladies and happy training!

  • James O’Grady

This is my Bath Half debut and despite what my knees will think, I am really proud to be running it in order to raise awareness and funding for such an important organisation.

  • Eleanor Frith

After raising money to support Off The Record through the company I work for, I have decided to take the challenge to run my first half marathon to further support young people in BANES.

Eleanor has already signed up for the Two Tunnels half marathon on the 6th May 2018 along with .  This gives them a few more months for more training and also to hopefully raise more funds.  Well Done Ladies and happy training

  • Ryan Lynch

After finding out about Off The Record Bath and the amazing work they do I couldn’t not sign up to do the marathon to fund raise for them.
In particular their support for the young LGBTQ+ community is something that drove me to enter myself into the marathon in order to raise as much as I can for such a great place. The SPACE LGBTQ Youth Group is something I am keen to get involved with as a volunteer and hopefully between now and the marathon I can be a part of such a wonderful group.

  • Christian Holland

I ran the Bath Half in 2012 and 2013 and swore never again, but here I am and with only 10 weeks to go!  As well as the running I’m training part time to be a counsellor and people on my course work for Off the Record so I know what an excellent organisation it is.  I’m very pleased to be part of the team and hoping to raise loads of cash for you

  • Akshay Pabary

My name is Akshay, and I am a Bristol medical student with a lot of time for mental health in the young. I am very excited to push myself to new limits, all in aid of a great cause!

Akshay was our furst runner to get organised and has booked to run the Forest of Dean Half Marathon on Sunday 18th March.  we are so very grateful to Akshay and of course all of his sponsors and supporters.  We look forward to seeing the pictures Akshay!!

  • Hannah Morgan

Affter the cancellation Hannah immediately signed up for the Windsor Half Marathon on 17th March and this is her showing her medal after finishing.  We are so grateful for the continued running and also for the superb amount that Hannah has raised for Off The Record.  Well done Hannah!!

This is my first marathon, after being a keen short distance runner for some time I look forward to the challenge and meeting the rest of the Off the Record team.

SInce the cancellation Hannah has signefd up to do the Windsor/Easton Half Marathon on Saturday 17th March 2018.  Thank you Hannah and also to all your supporters and donors.  Good luck and we look forward to hearing your time.

Our Married Couple Jo and Dan Fallon who will be the fastest we wonder?

Jo and Dan ran the distance the day that The Half was supposed to happen in the Snow.  Well done to you both and thank you so much for the mamouth amount that you raised, we very much appreciate all you have done.

Luke Jeff

Joanna Newton and Ryan Peterson returning to run for us again this year

Michael Guest

Heidi & Jasmine Hemmings

Michelle Squires

Dani Squires

Kirsty Ann Barrett

  • Mark Gough


If you would like to show support or just want to say hi, please feel free to get in touch with us at events@offtherecord-banes.co.uk